Drain Patching

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What is Drain Patching?

Drain Patching is an excellent, no-dig solution that allows us to repair pipework without having to excavate and dig below the ground.

If possible, performing a patch repair is an ideal solution for a number of reasons. Carrying out a patch repair enables Draintek to complete the job and resolve problems in a much more time and cost efficient manner. This technique also saves us from causing the kind of mess and disruption that inevitably accompanies having to unearth pipes.

Once we have undertaken a CCTV survey or used our sonar mapping technology, we may find it necessary to perform a drain patching. Dislodged joints, fractures, cracks, damage caused by tree roots and collapsing pipes are all problems that may be repaired by patching.

The process involves cleaning out the localised section of pipe we will be patching, then sending a camera down to ascertain the exact size and location of the section that requires attention. Once we know the details, we will cut the patch to size and prepare it to be sent down the damaged pipe.

Once the patch has been correctly applied to the inside of the pipe, we will once again use our cameras to make sure everything has been fully repaired and no further action is required.