Drain Jetting

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Do you have blocked drains?

Drain Jetting is an extremely effective way of unblocking pipes and drains suffering from a build up of debris and obstructions that can’t be dealt with by using more simplistic DIY methods such as rods. The pressure of the water we blast through the pipes is so powerful that it can clear just about anything that is obstructing your pipes.

Whether it’s a build up of hair or dirt, or the more series issue of tree roots growing into the pipes, we will find the problem and our high pressure drain jetting technology will be able to cut through it, ensuring your pipes return to their free flowing best again.

At Draintek we provide a high pressure water drain jetting service in order to clear the more stubborn drain blockages we come across.

It is a good idea to undertake regular drain jetting on your pipes to help prevent blockages. Having your pipes jetted regularly considerably lowers the risk of blockages and this future-proofing could save you a lot of money and help to prevent more serious issues that can arise if blockages are left untreated.